Common Q & A

│Nature Fruit / Common Q & A│

Q1: Can you eat the dried fruit after it has been soaked?

A1: Yes! All detox water dried fruit can be eat after soaked.


Q2: Does the bottle come with a protective sleeve?

A2: Yes! All our glass bottles come with a black protective sleeve.


Q3: What flavors I can’t drink during pregnancy?

A3: Pregnant women please avoid herbal ingredients ! You can refer to 【Maternal & Child Products】.


Q4: Why the dried fruit taste bitter, is it normal?

A4: If there is bitterness, it is mainly caused by lemon peel and seeds! It is recommended that you can remove the lemon peel before soaking.


Q5: I don’t want certain flavors, which package suitable for me to?

A5: 20 Days Detox Package or 50 Days Detox Package 


Q6: It is normal to have a hole under the protective sleeve of the glass bottle?

A6: The hole under the protective sleeve is an exhaust hole, not a flaw!


Q7: Why I can’t choose the flavor in the optional combo?

A7: You can write your favorite flavors and quantity in 【Remark For Shop】or inbox  messenger us in Facebook , Whatsapp.